Meg Lopez de Quintana, MSW

This facility is amazing! I’ve worked in many nursing homes/rehabs throughout my career. We are very lucky to have Mr. Young Min La, MS, OT. This gentleman always goes above and beyond and any resident/patient that is on his case load is very lucky. He began to work at Brookwood Gardens in May 2010, working with geriatric patients to restore function and quality of life. Brookwood Gardens has been his home for over a decade now and is familiarized with all the residents and some of their families. Min believes that rehab should not be limited to just treating the illness but getting the residents back to their fullest potential possible. Min has the “I can do anything I put my mind to attitude.” besides dedicating his time to God, family, work and his community, he enjoys designing, creating, building, sewing, embroidery, arts and crafts, woodshop, and gardening. Min is highly respected at work not just for his hard work, professionalism, and innovation but also for his kindness, passion, and loyalty.