MAST @ Homestead students spread holiday cheer

Students from MAST@ Homestead brought holiday to Signature HealthCare of Brookwood Gardens this past Monday.

MAST langnage teacher Norris Tamayo, along with her German and Spanish classes coordinated the visit to Brookwood Gardens in which many of the school’s students’ participated in.

Along with the language classes at MAST, two groups – Sister to Sister and Brother to Brother - participated.

Students dawned reindeer antler headbands and holiday attire as they passed out cookies, juice and holiday candy. Students also sang Christmas Carols to the residents of Brookwood Gardens in English, Spanish and German.

“This is such a treat for these kids to come out and visit with us,” said Earl Robins0n, a resident at Brookwood. “It is great to see these kids making a difference and taking the time out to spread the holiday cheer.”

For many of the students, the experience touched many different emotions.

Groups of students took the time to speak to many of the residents about their lives, past experiences and were given sound advice by the residents.

“I wasn’t expecting to be so touched by the whole experience,” said Karla Quinones. “It was an eye opener for me because I live with my grandparents. I would like to be able to come back and volunteer here.”