Brookwood Gardens celebrates National Day of Prayer ‘In Defiance of Suffering!’

‘In Defiance of Suffering’ was the general theme of this year’s 2014 National Day of Prayer, celebrated throughout all the Signature HealthCARE  facilities across the country including that of Signature HealthCARE of Brookwood Gardens, located in Homestead, Florida.

Gathered under the outside entrance of the Brookwood Gardens facility, patients, stakeholders, family members and invited guests joined in asking the good Lord to hear their prayers, requests and petitions invoking God’s protection and blessings over the nation and its citizens. Special emphasis was placed on those who have been, and are still confronting struggles associated with sufferings related to their personal, physical, emotional, family and spiritual issues.

The Director of Spirituality at Brookwood Gardens presided over the event accompanied by members of the facility’s Chaplain Advisory Board and patients’ Senior Chaplain. There were prayers and testimonies presented in English, Spanish and Creole by participants representing various departments of the facility, such as the Rehab Department, CNAs, family members and patients. The event’s high point was an emotional martial arts show including two young black belt karate experts, who have developed a martial art act which includes dancing and demonstrating the art through the rhythm of Christian and Patriotic hymns.

Saluting and paying tribute to the nation’s flag was a representative of the Catholic Knights of Columbus as well as retired members of the Armed Forces. Toward the end of the day’s celebration, the Director of Spirituality announced that not only was the facility celebrating the National Day of Prayer but that, with the permission of the facility’s administrator, this day was to be also called Brookwood Gardens’ “HEAVEN’S DAY!”

The chaplain explained that since last week the public celebrated the annual holiday known as Earth Day,  a day celebrated in honor of Mother Earth and symbolized by the planting of a tree, flower or plant, Brookwood Gardens would honor this day by planting the heavenly seed of God’s Word to all those participating in the National Day of Prayer event. As a gift to all those present and to the facility’s patients and stakeholders, Bibles in diverse languages (English, Spanish and French) were passed around and presented for all to use as their main source of prayer, and as symbols of the seeds being planted on Brookwood Gardens first annual HEAVEN’S DAY!

The event was celebrated with songs, dance and prayers, and was concluded with words of gratitude and appreciation for those who help put the event together by the facility’s administrator Mrs. Teresa Timmons.

– Eddie Santos, Director of Spirituality