Brookwood Gardens Embraces their Core Service Values – The Sacred Six


 In partnership with the  Signature launching of the SACRED SIX, the Spirituality Department at Brookwood Gardens, has announced the beginning of its W I G goal of trying to help raise the level of morale and stackholder engagement by implementing the core values of the Sacred Six. In hopes to take and make the message known throughout the facility, the administrator asked the facility Director of Spirituality, the Director of  Business Development and the Director of Quality of Life, to prepare and decorate the main bulletin board, located by the DON’s office with the explanation of the SACRED SIX  and the announcement of this months theme which is Compassion. It will be the Goal of the Spirituality’s department at  Brookwood to make sure everyone of the stakeholders, by the end of the year, by means of a heart to heart dialogue with the chaplain, understand, and put into their daily practice and service with and to the residents, the core values represented by the  Sacred Six which are: Compassion, Teamwork, Integrity, Respect, Positivity and Patience.